I posted a new picture of Reese, she’s 2 1/2 now, but I just love this picture

I posted a new picture of Reese, she’s 2 1/2 now, but I just love this picture

He’s only 8, so I guess I shouldn’t worry, after all when I was his age I thought it would be the best thing ever if I could be one of the ppl who got to ride on the back of the trash truck

Hi Margie and everyone, I also think it is nice to hear from the other side of the family. Mom and dad were really happy to hear that we are all getting to known each other. They don’t have a computer, but Uncle Pete has their phone number. Mom & dad didn’t get to go to Florida for the winter this year. I don’t think they appreciate the snow like you did Cindy. Living here in Illinois it is hard to image only seeing snow twice in your life time. Talk to you again soon.

hello everyone. nice to meet you margie. so no luck so far uncle pete. she had a really harsh breakup so once im confident shes interested in me (who wouldnt be right? hahahaha) ill see where it goes. its one of those things you just have to play by ear. but last night went well. we went to starbucks and talked for about 8 hours straightpletely skipped the movie we were supposed to see, hahaha. almost got her to smack me a few times (i was teasing her a lot so it was a good thing, hahaha). so yeah. fingers are crossed

Hi again Marti: Yes, it’s too bad that mom & dad don’t have a computer. What do you think your chances are of talking them into getting one? If you do, will you pick out lottery numbers for me. But, I know they feel pretty good that all the kids are getting together. And of course, we all feel pretty good about having Uncle/Dad Pete to listen to and hang on every word he utters. Right?? We still have to get Andy and Claudia Dominguez and Rob Dominguez in here, but I’m sure that will happen. I have a bunch of really great kids in my family. If only my golf game didn’t suck. I getting bored with guys fighting over who’s turn it is to be my opponent.

Dad, I’ll be your opponent, that way you are sure to win! Alex. 8 hours of talking? WOW, could you give my husband a call? Well, I just have a minute before I’m out the door, but Dillon’s football team won another game today! He’s very excited siti incontri sesso and has decided that a career in professional football might be better than being an engineer.NOOOOOOOO! Any way, Dave and I have a date tonight, so I have to go find my girly clothes in the back of my closet! Oh, and Anita, I checked out your jewelry, you are very talented! I’ll have to order something soon. Y’all take care!Cindy

yup 8 hours. we would have talked longer but starbucks was closing and we realized what time it was. but i have never had a more enjoyable conversation with anyone

Uncle, Pete you do seem to love golf

Hi everyone, Seems like there is a lot to catch up on with everybody here.Hi, too, His first birthday will be Feb 25. The only time I ever tried to swing a golf club was in high school in PE. We tried to tee off I guess you would call it. I have no natural talent for golf at all. I do like to go bowling, but we don’t have much time with my husband’s work hours right now.Uncle Pete do you remember when we sat down to play chess one day, long long ago, when you lived here in IL?

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